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avitation model
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  • Period of developing new products £º90 days £¨including make authentication£©
  • Developing new products yearly£º3
  • R&D employee£º8 person
  • Add£º Factory
  • R&D Equipment£º EMC test chamber, RoHS testing instrument, dynamometer, oscillograph, LCR digital e-bridge, temperature measuring set, life test equipment, parameter measuring equipment, high voltage testing device and other measuring meters
  • R&D Procedure£º
    1. investigate the practicability
    2. market investigation
    3. approval by the general manager
    4. collect all kinds of materials and fittings supplying channel
    5. research & development
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Tel£º 86-519-86713772  Fax£º 86-519-86713048 E-mail£º
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